National Muslim Law Students Conference

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NMLSA Application

We are establishing the National Muslim Law Student Association (NMLSA) as a subcommittee of National Association Muslim Lawyers. As a subcommittee, NMLSA can exist as a formal organization with consistent leadership and oversight. Creating representation of Muslim law students on a national scale will ensure more uniform outreach and resource opportunities to students across the country. The executive board will be responsible for communicating with NAML, Regional Muslim Bar Associations and Muslim law students. NMLSA will organize and plan the annual Muslim Law Student Conference along with other initiatves to support Muslims across the legal field.


Thank you for attending the 2021 NMLSC Conference!

The National Muslim Law Students Conference’s Organizing Committee would like to extend a huge thank you to all who participated in the 2021 conference! Whether you were a student attendee, speaker, networking attorney, or sponsor, we could not have had a successful conference weekend without you. This year, our approximately 200 attendees included students from 65 law schools across the United States. Our 60 speakers and networking attorneys included elected politicians, federal judges, presidential campaign managers, public defenders, and academics alike. Thank you for helping us establish a national community, network, and support system for Muslim law students to grow alongside one another.

We look forward to releasing information regarding the process of selecting next year’s conference host soon.